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If an athlete who challenges the limit chooses based on real feeling, I will take it

Take amino acids after training.
It's a habit that athletes can say common sense, but there's one more thing that's essential. That's vitamin B. It is an ingredient that supports the function of amino acids. Although it is required by athletes, it cannot be stored in the body because it is water-soluble. That's why I take a lot of amino acids, as well as a day's worth of vitamin B group and iron.
To you who continue to challenge the limits. Respond with real feeling.

Monster class! Amino acid content 8353,8mg

Proteins make up about 20% of the human body.
The raw material is 20 kinds of amino acids.
In particular, the intake of nine essential amino acids that cannot be produced by the human body is required for athletes.

High performance!
3,500 mg of BCAAs

BCAA is a general term for the three essential amino acids (valine, leucine, and isoleucine) that are abundant in muscle.
It is said that BCAA-containing products have a unique bitterness, but I have a good reputation for "deliciously drinking" when I take them.

Efficient absorption!
TC3000 (collagen peptide derived from natural tuna skin) 3,000mg

Fish-derived collagen has high resolution and high performance.
A luxurious combination of "natural tuna skin-derived collagen peptide", which is rare and high-quality among fish-derived products, which can only be done by a seafood processing company.

Support amino acids!
1 day worth of B vitamins

B vitamins, including vitamin B6, which is a coenzyme for metabolism, are excellent at synthesizing amino acids. A luxurious blend of these daily intakes.