In order to prevent fraudulent orders (false addresses, refusal of delivery for personal reasons, malicious nuisance) by impersonating another person or fictitious person, we take the following measures.

  • We may cancel your order due to past transactions or large orders.
  • If our fraud detection system finds the order to be fraudulent, we may cancel the order.
  • For large orders or bulk orders, we may contact you by phone or e-mail to confirm your identity after placing your order.
  • We may cancel your order if we are unable to contact you with the email address or phone number you entered when you placed your order, or if there are any questions regarding the details of your order.

Please note that it may take time to ship due to the above confirmation.

In addition, if damage is caused to our company or a third party due to fraudulent orders, etc., we will report personal information and IP addresses to the relevant organizations and submit a damage report to the police. You may also claim damages.

Pointblank Co., Ltd.