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This is a sustainable, recycled T-shirt made from cutting waste produced during the manufacture of STATIC's ADRIFT series, recycled back into polyester yarn.

Traditionally, cutting waste is incinerated as industrial waste, but at STATIC, the cutting waste is turned into a cotton-like material and then spun into yarn. Unlike so-called chemical recycling, there is no process of chemically processing the material into polyester chips, so it is a simple manufacturing method in which the fibers of the original waste are still contained in the yarn. In addition, the material is not dyed, making use of the original color of the raw material.

In order to ensure the quality of the yarn for clothing, we combine 30% of this cutting waste/recycled yarn with 70% recycled PET bottle polyester. Although it is 100% "polyester recycling," currently, 30% cutting waste is the highest content.

VisionT is a sustainable product that embodies our goals of "no waste," "recycling materials," and "no throwing away apparel."

*No moisture-wicking or UV protection processing has been added.


This time, we asked "Chipuka and Pukchika", an illustrator based in Shinshu, to draw us an illustration of the Laysan Albatross, which is also the motif of the STATIC logo. They drew us many wonderful illustrations, and none of them were easy to throw away, so we ended up printing four different ones, even though it was unexpected.


Chipuka and Pukchika

I work alone in a small atelier shop in Ina Valley, Shinshu, doing everything from design to sewing.

I use fabrics that have been carefully crafted in various parts of Japan and Asia, and sometimes hand-dye or hand-print with TO (Tomohito Komatsu) illustrations.

I make each piece with the idea in mind of it being something that grows together with the wearer, something that will look even better 10 years from now when it's worn out than when I bought it.

Product size


- Measurements are taken flat (unit: cm)
- The size indicated is a guide only, and there may be slight discrepancies between the size of the product you receive and the indicated size.
*Baby Laysan Albatross is not available in L or XL sizes.

Product Specifications


- Material: 100% polyester (20% is made from shredded waste and recycled clothing)
- Fit: Relaxed
- Weight: 175g
*Baby Laysan Albatrosses are not available in L or XL sizes.

Care instructions and precautions


- Do not use fabric softener or bleach.
- Hand wash or place in a laundry bag and use delicate or hand wash mode.

- Do not tumble dry or dry clean

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175cm Mサイズ購入。