Valve Steak Long

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A new sensation peg that can be pushed by hand without using tools and stepped on by foot.

"valve stake"

All the pegs currently available from various manufacturers are excellent. Making similar pegs is no match and it's not fun. The peg proposed by /moose/ room works is a slightly different peg.

"Don't use a hammer, push by hand! Step on it and stab it! 』

Since the head part (hitting part) is circular and flat, it is a novel peg that can be pushed in with your foot by putting your weight on it. When you pull out the peg, you can easily pull it out by turning the head part and pulling it out while turning it.

This product itself is made at a reliable factory that has been producing engine valves for many years. Since it is manufactured on the same line as the production line for car engine valves, it is a product that you can rest assured about its strength and accuracy.

Has this happened in the past?

・I don't want to bring a hammer because there is no scene other than setting up a tent.
・Pegging with a hammer is troublesome, so I use stones every time.
・When I tried to step on the pegs, I thought it was difficult and painful to step on.
・I'm afraid to let my child use a hammer, but I want to help set up a tent.

etc. I am sure that this peg will be absolutely useful in such a scene. To be honest, it's not a noticeable gear, but I think that "Valve Stake" is a product that people will definitely like. Please try it once!

Product details "valve stake long"

・Blowing part 35mm (with /moose/ logo engraved)
・Shaft length approx. 250mm *Note 1) There is a note below the description ・Shaft diameter 8mm
・Material SUH35
・Manufacturing Forged ・Weight about 138g

▲ As a note

・We use a material called SUH35 and forge it using an original mold. Due to the nature of the material, it is a little prone to rust, so please understand that maintenance by the customer is required.

・When removing the peg, if you put it parallel to the ground, you will have to dig around the peg a little. It is recommended to drive in slightly diagonally. It will be easier to remove if you pull it out by winding it once with a guy rope and then hammering it in.

・Of course, it is also possible to strike with a hammer.

It will be a product like this. Thank you for your consideration.

*Note 1) We are manufacturing based on the finished product of the engine valve that is installed in the automobile, and we are manufacturing with a tolerance of about ± 3 mm in shaft length, so we ask for your understanding.