bonfire table

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Adopting a stainless steel top plate that is resistant to heat and scratches, you can directly place hot pots and burners.
The stainless steel top plate is embossed, so scratches are less noticeable, and it can be washed completely, so you can keep it clean.
Space-saving with an ultra-thin thickness of about 2.5 cm when stored.
It is a popular Uniframe product that can be used not only as a side table, but also as a living room table by connecting it.

When using: about 55 x 35 x (height) 37 cm
When stored: about 55 x 35 x (thickness) 2.5 cm
Top plate: stainless steel (special embossing)
Side: natural wood
Stand: Stainless steel pipe Φ19mm
about 2.3kg
Distributed load capacity
about 50kg