bonfire base 450

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It is a bonfire stand where you can enjoy cooking over an open fire.
The design looks like a combination of a tripod and a bonfire, so it's an item that kills two birds with one stone.
It is compatible with the uniframe BBQ grill "Tough Grill" series iron plate and stainless steel wire net, and a wide range of optional items can be used.
Easy to assemble and compact for storage.
Make your bonfire more fun! Recommended item as the next one.

When using: Approx. 500 x 810 x 790 (height) mm
When stored: Approx. 500 x 560 x 75 (thickness) mm
Body/Frame: Stainless steel
Approximately 5.3 kg (furnace/frame)
S can chain x 2
Steel mesh 150 x 400 (1 sheet)
Steel mesh 300 x 400 (1 sheet)
Distributed load capacity
about 15kg
*Storage case sold separately