"triangle coin purse" DCF Hybrid White

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A multi-pocket pouch made from DCF hybrid (Dyneema Composite Fabric).

All three side pockets are independent. The pockets on both sides are shallow and the bottom pocket is deep, so you can use it in 3 places.

Small items such as coins and accessories can be conveniently placed in the shallow side pockets so that they can be picked up and taken out at a glance.

Place small items such as keys in the bottom pocket. Since the color of the zipper is changed, it will be easier to use if you distinguish it by color and use it properly.

Assuming that it will be used as a coin case, it has a size that makes it easy to fit in your pants pocket.

If you use it as a pouch for medicines, etc., you can hang it on your backpack for a cute accent.

It's not easy to use, but it's a product that makes your daily life a little more fun with a unique feeling of use that other products don't have.

For storing coins, accessories, medicines, keys, lip balm, etc.

Size 11 cm
fabric: DCF Hybrid
*DCF (Dyneema Composite Fabric) is a light and durable special fabric made by sandwiching and bonding Dyneema fibers (high-density polyethylene fibers) between film and nylon fabric, and is characterized by wrinkling with use. If you don't like wrinkles, use regular fabric as a model.

* All products are individually sewn one by one.
*Specifications are subject to change without notice.