Trail Blaze (ALUMINUM)

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Ultralight trekking poles weighing less than 300g with two

The lightness and simplicity that are most suitable for trail running, fast packing.
Lightweight folding aluminum trekking pole. It can be folded into four (three folds for 100 and 105 only) for compact storage and easy assembly. A rubber ferrule cap, a trekking basket, and a mesh storage case are included. 2 piece set.
There are lighter models made of carbon, but aluminum is light, hard to break, and strong.

Mountain King is produced at our headquarters and our own factory in the industrial city of Newcastle, England.

*Please choose a length that is 65% of your height as a guide.
Example: Height 170cm 170×0.65=110.5cm → 110cm model is recommended.

100cm = around 155cm tall
105cm = Around 160cm tall
110cm = around 170cm tall
115cm = Around 175cm tall
120cm = around 185cm tall
125cm = around 190cm tall

country of origin england

Made of aluminum

Weight (set of 2)