FFX-501 Clear Stainless

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A "mountain exclusive bottle" made with the many conditions required in the mountain field in mind.
The body ring allows a firm grip even with gloves on, and the bottom cover is resistant to impact when dropped.
Uses a non-slip cup that is easy to take out from the rucksack and easy to turn.
Lightweight design with less burden on luggage. Even lighter if you remove the body ring and bottom cover.
Despite its light weight, it retains heat and cold well.

Capacity (ℓ) 0.5
Thermal insulation effect (6 hours) 77°C or higher
Cooling effect (6 hours) 10°C or less
Caliber (about cm) 3.6
Types of Nakasen FFX Nakasen
Body dimensions/width x depth x height (approximately cm) 7 x 7 x 23.5
Body weight (approximately kg) 0.28 / 0.26 (without body ring and bottom cover)