SW58M : SNOW PEAK (Men's)

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The SNOW PEAK, which has an impressive design on the front, has not only a thick medium cushion on the sole, but also a cushion on the shin. By attaching a cushion to the shin part, it serves as a shin support when wearing boots on skis or snowy mountains.

Effect of custom-made "merino wool x alpaca spinning"

Durability ・Soft texture ・Temperature control function

By adding alpaca to merino wool, the original functionality of merino wool is enhanced. These socks are perfect for outdoor activities such as camping, mountain climbing, and winter sports.

45% merino wool, 34% nylon, 15% alpaca, 6% spandex

[Wearing pressure]
Medium pressure 15-20mmHg


Cushion Shin & Sole

Recommended for
For winter sports such as skiing and snowy mountains.

Easy Wash
Turn the socks inside out, wash them in your normal laundry, and dry them. You can wash it with other laundry. Do not use bleach.
You can use the dryer, but it may shrink.

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