SW102W: Traverse Quarter (Ladies)

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Recommended for trail running and hiking.

Sock design suitable for use in sports and fitness, such as arch support, seamless fingertips, and three-dimensional knitting (Y heel) that prevents the heel from slipping. In addition, medium pressure ( 15-20mmHg) compression helps maintain peak performance and speed recovery. Equipped with Akifit technology for a secure fit on each foot.

MICRO is the shortest type of sports compression, but the heel part is designed to be longer, so it protects and strengthens the Achilles tendon. In addition, the wool and bamboo material keeps your feet dry, prevents blisters, and regulates temperature.

Sockwell socks are made in the USA from the wool of Rocky Mountain free-grazing sheep.

Effect of custom-made "merino wool x bamboo spinning"

・Hard to get stuffy ・Durability ・Temperature control function ・Smell control

1. Plantar fascia and ankle support

By supporting the plantar fascia, it helps absorb shock when landing and assists in kicking power. And the ankle is an important part that connects the foot and the shin. Supporting the ankle improves performance and prevents injuries such as sprains.

2.Compression function to prevent muscle shaking

Pressurization suppresses unnecessary shaking of the muscles and reduces the load on the feet. The compression function is not only during performance, but also reduces fatigue afterwards.
The length of the sock determines the pressure points, but the long length that can pressurize the calf area, which is particularly burdensome, is useful for long-term play such as long-distance running and golf.

3.Cushion that softens the impact of the sole

Sockwell comes in a variety of cushion thicknesses. The cushion softens the impact of landing and reduces fatigue. The ultralight cushion is just the right thickness and goes well with running shoes.

[size ]
SM 21.5
ML 24cm-26.5cm

33% merino wool, 33% bamboo rayon, 28% stretch nylon, 6% spandex

[Wearing pressure]
Medium pressure 15-20mmHg


Ultra Light Cushion (★☆☆)

Made in USA

Blessings of nature from sheep

High-quality merino wool and bamboo custom-made yarns provide excellent temperature regulation. In addition, it keeps your feet dry and prevents stuffiness and odors.

Not stuffy

The cotton material that is often used for socks has the power to absorb moisture, but the power to dry it is weak. Wool, on the other hand, has the power to dry as well as the power to absorb.
Therefore, you can keep it dry and comfortable until you take it off without leaving any sweat on the soles of your feet during sports.

no smell

It is not "sweating = smelly feet". The origin of odor is bacteria that breeds by sweating. Keeping the soles of your feet and the inside of your shoes damp all the time creates an environment where bacteria can easily grow, resulting in odors.
Wool socks don't get stuffy, so bacteria don't grow. That's why it doesn't smell.

Accredited by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA).

APMA certification is a certification given only to products that have been recognized as having beneficial and certain effects on foot health and have passed examination by a podiatrist.

Easy Wash

Turn the socks inside out, wash them in your normal laundry, and dry them. You can wash it with other laundry. Do not use bleach.
You can use the dryer, but it may shrink.