Sun Company Therm-o-compass RIDGE MOUNTAIN GEAR Ver.

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Thermocompass RIDGE MOUNTAIN GEAR version manufactured by Sun Company

A set includes a compass (direction magnet) and a thermometer that can measure temperatures from -30°C to 50°C. It is very convenient to measure the temperature inside and outside the tent during day hikes, overnight hikes, and at night, and record the temperature, clothing, and bedding data.

Please use it even if you attach it to your key holder or use it as a single key holder. If the compass magnet is placed inside a vehicle, near a high-voltage wire, on a steel desk, or near an electrical appliance such as a speaker on a TV, it may be strongly affected by magnetism and may not point in the correct direction. The back of the main unit has a table for measuring the sensible temperature table (m/sec) when the wind is blowing. *It is waterproofed.

Small air bubbles may occur at low temperatures or in places with low atmospheric pressure, but this does not affect the function.


Size: 2.8 cm wide x 5.1 cm high
Weight: about 10g
Country of Origin: USA


Keep away from fire such as gas stoves and bonfires.

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