STAR Paraffin Oil Insect Repellent Herb 1L

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Paraffin oil containing natural herbs such as eucalyptus and mint that are highly effective against insects.
Insect repellent ingredients contained in herbs repel annoying insects and mosquitoes.
Recommended for fair hand lanterns. (Not available for HK500)
It burns with the same amount of heat as kerosene, but it emits almost no soot or odor, so it keeps your combustion equipment clean.
Spend a comfortable night outdoors with the double effect of the lantern's gentle light and insect repellent.

● Capacity / 1.0ℓ
Properties: Paraffinic hydrocarbon
Flash point / 90℃ or higher
● Class 3 petroleum
Danger grade Ⅲ
●Made in Japan