square iron ms

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An original iron plate produced based on customer feedback.

/moose/ Speaking of room works, the main thing is the frying iron that you make your own handle and insert it, but we have finished it with an iron plate that simply inserts the stainless steel handle.

This product is based on Trangia Mestin and finished in a shape that is easy to stack. And even if you say it, you won't be in Mestin. (Please read to the end!)

Isn't it hard to use a mestin-sized iron plate with a small grilling surface?

This "square iron ms" has a grilled surface that is the same size as Mestin, so the grilled surface is greatly improved! By designing the edge as short as possible so that it does not get in the way when storing, and by bending it to the limit to secure depth, and putting it on the iron plate and storing it inside the Mestin, it is finished with the opposite idea. I'm here.

All of the iron plate lids for outdoor use that are currently on sale are original and the price is high. More luggage than anything else.
The grilled surface of the iron plate is the same size as Mestin, so Mestin can be used as a lid. This is very convenient because you can easily cook steamed dishes and gyoza dumplings.

Conversely, if you use the iron plate as a lid for Mestin, you don't have to worry about it coming off when you cook the rice with the weight of the iron plate. (necessary function?)

We are proud that the size and ease of use are outstanding, so how about this opportunity?

/moose/ room works
"square iron ms"

Overall about 20cm x about 12cm
Baked surface about 16.5cm x about 9.5cm
Thickness 3.2mm
Weight Body 580g Handle 30g Total 610g

set content
Iron plate, handle, storage bag, oil-resistant bag, spatula