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Founded in Germany in 1945, GLORIA sprayers are all manufactured in Germany according to DIN ISO9001 guidelines under the latest technology and quality control. It is used for professionals such as the "double action pump" type that sprays twice with one action when the trigger is squeezed, and the battery-operated auto pump sprayer. Since it is not exclusively for special liquids, tap water is of course also supported.

The bottom of the GLORIA sprayer is elevated, so it is highly durable and can be used not only for gardening, but also for food factories, pest control, car washing, toilets, glass cleaning, disinfection, etc. To do.

A double action sprayer that sprays twice in one action when the trigger is pulled and when it returns. Also suitable for alcohol. The high-grade container and nozzle with high chemical and oil resistance performance can be widely used in all industries as a spray used by professionals.

Material: PE
Liquid ph value used: ph5 to 9 (water: pH7)
Oil resistance: ○
Acid/alkali resistance: △
Solvent resistance: △

*The "pH value" and "correspondence table for oils, acids, alkalis, and solvents" determined for each product are only guidelines and do not guarantee durability.
Each model uses materials that are resistant to oil, acids, alkalis, and organic solvents. Please note that it may not be possible.