Softy 3 Marlin Light Zip

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"Snugpak sleeping bag softy 3 SOLSTICE light hand [comfortable use temperature 5 degrees]

A high-spec model filled with the finest Softie Premier cotton.
A sleeping bag crafted in England for the spring/summer season.

Size/when stored: diameter 16 x length 16 cm, expanded size: length (length) 220 cm, width (circumference) 150 cm

Material / Outer fabric: Nylon "PARATEX Steelplate" Inner fabric: Nylon "PARATEX Light" Insulation: "Softie Premier" (ultralight heat-retaining fiber) "Reflectatherm" used


Specifications/Comfortable outside temperature: 5°C, lower limit outside temperature 0°C, with compression bag

Washable / The filling is made of chemical fiber, so it can be washed as a whole.

Country of origin/UK