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From the next lot, we have added lightening to the leg holder plate of the SBS KIT and changed the lightening condition of the main body block. increase.
There is no difference in performance.

[Product description below]

It is a part that can be used as a stool by attaching this member instead of attaching tracks to the 4 holes ( 2 places) of the regular pitch on the skateboard deck.
The biggest feature of this product is that instead of the common fixed legs, the four legs can be attached and detached with magnets, and the removed legs can be held in a holder on the back of the board and can be carried compactly.
As a result, it can be used not only indoors but also outdoors, so it can be used in a wide range of applications.
It can be seen as a practical item for collection purposes or for your favorite deck that you have put away because it is a waste to ride.
As a premise, please prepare your favorite skateboard (deck) on your side.
The hole positions of the parts are also compatible with the OLD pitch, so the 80 's It can also be used for OLD decks.
When delivered, it comes in a transparent blister pack, so retailers can easily display it on the wall.
Design and strength calculation “H&O” and LFE cooperated with the overseas production, and we were satisfied with the strength and finish.

Nylon resin with glass fiber, aluminum pipe

BLACK ( legs: BLACK alumite)

Seat height: about 400mm (assuming a deck thickness of 10mm )
Part thickness when stored: 45mm