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The water tank "Rinopack" from Canada is suitable for all kinds of hard outdoor scenes such as camping, hiking, and trekking. Rhino, which is attached to the product name, is a rhinoceros, and the skin of rhinoceros is said to be the hardest of all animals, and it is said that the claws and fangs of carnivorous animals cannot easily penetrate it. True to its name, it boasts long-term robustness with extra-thick, tough puncture-resistant materials that can withstand rough handling in harsh environments. Equipped with a premium spigot (plug) that is easy to pour water, it is possible to easily pour a large amount of water of 21L.

Size: width 37.5 x depth 16 x height 48.3 cm
Weight: about 1.5kg
Capacity: 21L
Material: Polyethylene (BPA free)
Heat resistant temperature: about 90-110℃
Remarks: Premium spigot (cap with spout)