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RAID AXE launched last year In 2022, we will unify the handle material with hickory. Therefore, there are two types of construction: "plain" with a printed logo on hickory material and "checkering" with laser engraving + checkering on hickory material.

With the cooperation of NERU DESIGN WORKS , we decided to design and forge the new ax from the ax blade. Aiming for a head weight of about 1 kg , the head is designed to emphasize sharpness, assuming a medium size that can chop wood. The matching handle (handle) has a bold design that combines a flowing S -shaped curve with strength. The protrusion in the middle position is a finger groove in knife terminology that has both a finger grip and a slide stopper when gripping. For the material of the handle, we imported USA hickory from North America, which is used by ax manufacturers all over the world.

The plain type has a simple finish with a printed logo, and the checkered type has a gun grip with the cooperation of " CAW CRAFTAPPLEWORKS ", which has a reputation for its unique processing technology and unique commitment among model gun manufacturers. As for the method, the standard checkering process (specifically, the same diamond pattern as the COLT government) and laser engraving are applied, making it a decoration that also serves as a strong anti-slip.

Note) Hickory wood has a variety of colors depending on the part to be cut.
Please note that there are individual differences in wood color and atmosphere for each product, such as dark colored parts, whitish parts, mixed parts, and parts with small seams. (There is no difference in strength depending on the part or color.)
Also, please be aware that the color of the wood and the amount of oil content may cause the laser to enter differently.


Ax Blade: Iron Case: Cordura Nylon Handle: USA Hickory


● Plain handle ● Checkering handle


Full length: translation 49.5cm
Blade length: about 11.5cm
Overall Weight:: 1300g
Ax Blade::990g

[Precautions for use]
・Our production condition is that this product can be used for chopping firewood with a certain thickness other than for kindling, but the assumed object is firewood with a diameter (or side) of 9 cm or less. It does not matter whether it is a coniferous tree or a broadleaf tree, but please do not use it for objects larger than that. Also, since it is not for felling, be sure to insert the blade in the direction of the fiber of the tree. Avoid using on areas with knots or bumps.
・The upper part of the handle (behind the blade) will always have dents, scratches, chips, etc. due to collision with broken firewood. If you are concerned about scratches and dents, please take measures in advance, such as wrapping paracord or rope, or applying your own leather pad.
・When using, make sure that there are no people or objects around (especially in the front and back direction), and be sure to hold it with both hands. Also, please do not swing it over your head.