POUTNIK / Raven Hoodie

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Power Stretch®Pro® is a fleece material developed by Polartec that boasts high stretch and durability. Although it is called Polartec®, it is not well known that there are many different production areas. Many brands use fleece made in China, but this material is made in Italy.

The first thing that surprised me was the feel and comfort. It's much more comfortable than regular fleece. The fleece is very smooth to the touch, reminiscent of high-quality wool such as cashmere or vicuna. It doesn't feel dry to the skin, which is typical of synthetic cotton, and it stretches in four directions to wrap around your body, making it highly breathable. It keeps you dry even when you sweat, and doesn't attract unpleasant odors. Plus, it's lightweight and very warm, so you can wear it anytime and anywhere during the winter. Once you experience this comfort, you will become addicted to it.

Raven Hoodie
fabric: Polartec® Power Stretch®Pro®
Country of origin: Czech Republic

Size specs (cm)
S size: Length 69, Width 55, Waist circumference 51.5, Hem width 46, Shoulder width 42.5, Sleeve length 62, Cuffs 11.5
M size: Length 70, Width 57, Waist circumference 52, Hem width 48, Shoulder width 44, Sleeve length 64.5, Cuffs 12
L size: Length 72, Width 60, Waist circumference 56, Hem width 51, Shoulder width 46, Sleeve length 67, Cuffs 12.5
XL size: Length 74, Width 64, Waist circumference 59, Hem width 54.5, Shoulder width 49, Sleeve length 68, Cuffs 13.5

Model/168cm, 68kg - Wearing NAVY Model/183cm, 90kg - Wearing BRONZE BROWN-XL

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POUTNIK / Raven Hoodie