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10.5oz denim cotton 100%
9.5oz hickory cotton 100%

FREE (body size length 66.5cm width 71cm)

This work apron was designed by POST O'ALLS.
Hammer loops, inner pockets, leather plates, etc. are added to the pocket details of POST's typical coveralls. Personally, I don't like the neck type apron because it puts a lot of pressure on my neck when I put my hands or things in my pockets, so I decided to make a cross-shoulder type apron and tie the waist straps. We don't want to tie the waist to create a feminine silhouette, so we designed it to be worn without sacrificing functionality. (In fact, it is more comfortable and recommended for the silhouette. Also, the tip of the belt is embroidered as an accent when the belt is hung.)
In addition, even though it is an apron, POST's usual sewing techniques such as skipping stitches and chain stitching are reproduced without cutting corners.
If possible, I would like to make it into a series in the future, so the first one was a classic and straightforward design.