polyester & cotton tarp “KURO”

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/moose/ room works outdoor tarp. I think black tarps using polycotton are rare. Isn't it going to be a gear that can create a rugged atmosphere even at the campsite? Various functions are packed into a simple square cloth, so please take a look at the concept and product description.

[Product use]
・Color black only ・Size about 3.3m x about 3.3m
・Weight about 2.4kg
・Storage size approx. 40cm x approx. 10cm x approx. 7cm (when using band)
Tarp body 65% ​​polyester, 35% cotton Water-repellent loop part PP tape loop reinforcement part Tarpaulin zipper Single zipper (YKK used)

・Outside of tarp: 16 loops + 3 surface ・Inside of tarp: 3 simple loops ・Fastener installed on one side of tarp body

・Contents: Tarp body, instruction manual ・Country of origin: Japan (made in hokkaido)

Below, from moose room works

Because it's a very simple idea and it's troublesome to bring a heavy tent. ``KURO'' was born from the idea of ​​choosing a fabric that is as light as possible and water-repellent, and wanting a product that can be used both for sleeping in a tarp and in a tent.

[Using black polycotton]

Getting enough sleep is the most important thing in everyday life. I want to sleep soundly until morning. Black color with high light blocking effect is selected because you don't want to wake up in the morning glare. And when it's windy or it's raining, the rattling sound of the tarp makes it hard to sleep.

[Equipped with a fastener on the tarp]
Basically, I want to camp while securing a private space. Therefore, I prefer a tarp that can be fully closed like Pathfinder and Beakfly. If you use a regular tarp, you will have to secure the entrance with something, but the KURO's biggest feature, "zipper standard", makes it possible to secure a private space like a tent. You can choose how to stretch with one square piece of cloth. This is "KURO".
*Please be careful as it is extremely hot in the summer when the doors are fully closed...

[Size of 3.3 x 3.3]
On a personal note, I myself am 180 cm tall and my body is a little big. And because I sleep lightly, I can't sleep well unless I use a cot. It was a bit cramped to stay fully closed with a 3x3 tarp, and I love rabbit cots from a certain manufacturer, so I was looking for a size that fits just right and doesn't feel cramped. When I was there, I ended up with a size of 3.3 x 3.3.

[Desire to combine appearance and comfort]
By using polycotton, it is possible to give the tarp a gentle curve. And simply black is cool! And I want to sleep tight! Born from the simple idea of

polyester & cotton tarp “KURO”

Please try using this tarp!

【Description of item】
polyester & cotton tarp "KURO" is a black tarp that uses polycotton as the name suggests. Equipped with 16 loops on the side of the tarp and 3 loops on the surface to increase the degree of freedom in how to stretch, and 3 simple loops on the inside make it possible to hang LED lanterns etc. .

The biggest feature of "KURO" is that it has a zipper on only one side. The doorway can be fully closed with a zipper when lining Pathfinder and Beakfly. It can also be used as a tarp, and it is finished as a tarp that can be used as a solo tent. The zipper uses a YKK single zipper. The red line and the blue line (see photo) are overlapped and closed from the outside to the inside. When storing, it is very convenient because you can easily clean it up by closing the zipper.

Considering the advantages and disadvantages of polycotton, we chose 3.3m x 3.3m, which is neither too big nor too small. Although it is heavier than a nylon tarp, it has been kept to a weight within the allowable range. The entire tarp has been treated with a water-repellent finish, so it can withstand a certain amount of rain. And it dries quickly, so you don't have to worry about removing it. By using polycotton, the gentle R is drawn due to the weight that cannot be produced with a normal tarp, giving the whole a soft impression.

Suggested by /moose/ room works

You can change how you use the tarp depending on your mood in each season.

Please try polyester & cotton tarp "KURO".

[Precautions and precautions for use]

●It is dangerous to use fire such as a burner or bonfire inside the tarp. Never use it as it may cause fire or carbon monoxide poisoning.
●Do not use the tarp in bad weather. It will cause rain leakage.
● Please use it after firmly ascertaining the points that can be set up.

● Do not set up the tarp when the wind is strong. Doing so may cause damage.
● Securely fix the tarp to the ground with pegs and ropes. It may cause damage to the main unit.
●If you leave the tent or tarp for a long time, be sure to withdraw. Depending on the weather, the tarp may be blown away and cause an accident.
●Poles, guy ropes, and pegs are not included, so please prepare them yourself.

"As a product characteristic"
● When the tarp is stretched, the fabric stretches unlike nylon tarps. Please understand that there is no problem with the product itself, although wrinkles may occur due to the sewing part peculiar to cotton products.
●Because it is a fabric product, if it is used for a long time, the fabric itself may fade due to UV rays depending on the environment. Please understand the characteristics of the product.
●Please understand that the water-repellent finish will weaken with repeated use.

"Storage method"

● Depending on the environment, water droplets may form on the entire tarp after use. Please store after drying when withdrawing. It may cause mold or damage the fabric.
* Although it dries quickly, we recommend wiping it with a towel before drying.
● When drying the tarp body, turn it inside out to avoid direct UV rays and reduce fading.

* Regarding measures against bleeding inside the tarp

There are 3 loops on the surface. When the rain is strong, rainwater may seep into the tarp from this part. It can be reduced by applying wax or eye sealant.

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