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Basic Tee designed by JUN OSON, an illustrator living in Kamakura.

I made a polyester T-shirt using the Merino Basic Tee Short Sleeve pattern. The size is the same as the Merino Basic Tee Short Sleeve.

The designer himself has been wearing merino wool t-shirts more and more for long runs and daily life. However, synthetic fibers such as polyester also have their advantages. Since the material itself is inexpensive, the price of the product can be kept down, and daily care can be done without having to worry about it as much as with merino wool. Polyester will outperform in terms of durability and quick-drying.

Of course, there are also disadvantages, and polyester T-shirts will start to smell as you use them. Compared to natural fibers such as cotton and wool, chemical fibers are more difficult to remove sebum stains, and polyester is particularly easy to absorb. In addition, chemical fibers are prone to the growth of odor-causing bacteria.
Therefore, we definitely recommend merino wool t-shirts for long traverses where you want to reduce your luggage as much as possible, but for situations where you can change clothes quickly, such as day hikes, quick-drying and highly durable polyester t-shirts are also an option.

*If you have an odor, please try the following.
1. Use powder type oxygen bleach to wash odorous extremities.
2. Pour hot water of about 40 to 50 degrees into a washbasin, mix the determined amounts of hot water and bleach, mix hot water and oxygen bleach, and soak the laundry for about 30 minutes to 1 hour.
3. After soaking, use the washing machine to rinse and dehydrate.
4. After dehydration, do not leave it unattended and dry it immediately. Leaving after dehydration also causes odor.

As the product name says "Basic", the simple box-shaped design allows you to wear it without discrimination from the mountains to the city.

A "flat seamer" is a specification that uses a special sewing machine to sew together the fabrics as shown in the illustration above.
As the name suggests, the seams of the fabric are very flat and reduce stress on the skin as much as possible. This method is often used for sportswear and baby wear, as the seams are also durable.

Material: 100% polyester
Size: S, M, L (Men) S, M (Women)
Weight: Men / M about 128g
Country of Origin: Japan

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