hot sandwich maker

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A hot sandwich maker that uses thick aluminum alloy to easily transfer heat to the entire surface and create a beautiful brown color.
Since it is a separate type, it can also be used as a frying pan.
The shape is easy to wash and easy to hold sandwiches.
Fluorine processing is applied to the inside, making it non-stick and easy to clean.
It can be crimped firmly to the edge, the ingredients are hard to stick out, and the ears are crisp.
Please enjoy the cute branding of "Mischievous fish" and "Sleeping bag parent and child".
Compatible with gas fire, halogen, radiant, and sheathed heaters
Not compatible with IH induction cookers

Material: Body: Aluminum alloy (with fluorine resin)
Size: 16 x 37.5cm
Weight: 785g

Made in Japan

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