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A large outdoor table has been completed where you can surround the table with your friends.
In the room, it may be a good idea to combine it with the sofa and make it a coffee table. A brand stamp is included on the top plate and legs.

A large size that is perfect for scenes where everyone gathers outside, such as an outdoor party. (Top plate size 1040x360mm) Can be disassembled and fastened with a belt for compact portability. The main body does not use screws or nails, and is completely made of wood (plywood), but it is solidly made.

<Non-painting kit> It is a kit that can be cut and chamfered, and you can finish the painting yourself. Please finish by painting in your favorite color.

The PANEL FURNITURE series uses a material called "coniferous plywood". Unlike lauan plywood, which uses South Sea wood, the wood grain is beautiful. (And it's domestic)

However, since it is originally a structural material, it is not intended to be used for visible parts, and although it has high strength, it is much wilder than the material that you usually imagine, and there are many dirty parts. .

However, on the contrary,

"There is an antique feeling while being new"
"Even though it is an industrial product, it has a one-of-a-kind feel."
I created this series with such a positive interpretation.

We hope that you will understand this point before using this product.

There may be a lot of wood knots. In addition, there may be cases where the joint has fallen out of one layer and becomes a hole.
It looks more attractive if it has a joint, so I didn't force it to fill it with putty and left it as it was.
(There is no serious problem)

It may have a quality stamp. Since this is somewhere in one board,
If it's in your product, you're lucky.

[Cracks, dents, etc.]

Structural plywood is made up of many layers of boards that are joined together to provide strength.

If a so-called ordinary single board is cracked, it will be a serious problem, but in the case of plywood, even if there are cracked parts (layers),
Since it is glued alternately with other trees, the strength does not change.
However, since it is not a material that is supposed to appear on the surface, such parts may remain as they are.
Also, dents and scratches are left as they are.

During manufacturing, I try to make it as smooth as possible with paper and fill it with putty.
Since it is originally such a material, I hope you will enjoy it as a "wild feeling".

Size: W1040 x D360 x H372mm when assembled / W1040 x D360 x thickness 36mm when stored
■ Weight: 4kg
■Materials: Softwood plywood 12mm
Made in Japan