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MSC-016 is an evolved version of MSC-009 that can be used not only outdoors but also for town use. A new one-point logo and "LIGHTING YOUR WAY" are embroidered on the inside of the brim.

This large cap is designed so that you won't get tired even if you wear it for a long time. Size adjustable. *Built-in inside the adjuster body.

 About wire brim

There is a wire built into the brim of the hat, so you can memorize your favorite shape.
Even when wearing a headlamp, if you point the brim downward, the light can be illuminated unobstructed.

 About the shape

Westerners and Japanese people have different head shapes overall, so even if the head size is the same, it will feel strange when worn.
Westerners: The width is narrow, and the back of the head sticks out / Japanese: The width is wide, and there are many people who are on a cliff.

*Most conventional running caps were slim, and when Japanese people wore them, they often made their faces look larger.

 What causes your face to look big?

Wearing a hat that is narrower than your cheekbones makes your cheeks look like they are sticking out, making your whole face look bigger.
On the other hand, if your hat is wider than your cheekbones, your cheeks will look thinner and thinner, making your face smaller.

 About depth

Westerners and Japanese people have different ear positions.
Westerners: Their ears are placed high.Japanese: Their ears are placed low.

 Attention to the shape of the cap

Westerners and Japanese people have different ear positions.
For the reasons mentioned above, it has been designed with a wide brim that fits the size of Japanese people, and has been designed by researching the depth that will fit comfortably when worn.


size / size

One size (free size: approx. 58.5-60.0cm ) size adjustable. *Built-in inside the adjuster body


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