Operator Pants

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These super high spec pants were developed for military use, and are made for ease of movement.These military pants are perfect for carrying out operations that are particular about the specs, as well as the materials.
The material used is nylon with excellent abrasion resistance and breathability, which was developed for military use in the United States, and nylon with excellent stretch is used in the parts that are bent and stretched, and the entire pants are equipped with functions that meet the needs of the military. Specs
* Waist size can be expanded with Velcro belt
*2 top pockets and 2 zippered 3D side pockets
*Bottomless small pocket of about 7 cm to store a gear knife next to both upper pockets
*Gear hook on belt loop
*Knee pads can be installed on the draped knees (knee pads not included)
* When compatible with boots, remove the zipper and hook from the hem and extend the hem to a boot cut specification.
*Fabric for removing dirt from boots at the hem
*Equipped with a kit hook inside the hem to prevent the hem from rolling up.

Size specs (cm)
XS: Waist 80.0, Rise 28.0, Inseam 76.0, Thigh circumference 52.0, Hem width 20.0
S: Waist 84.0, Rise 29.0, Inseam 77.0, Thigh circumference 55.0, Hem width 20.5
M: Waist 88.0, rise 29.5, inseam 78.0, thigh circumference 58.0, hem width 21.0
L: Waist 94.0, rise 30.0, inseam 79.0, thigh circumference 60.0, hem width 22.0
*Please note that there may be slight differences due to manual measurement.

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