replaceable bushcraft knife

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One of the lineup of the outdoor brand "OLFA WORKS",
The "Replaceable Blade Bushcraft Knife BK1" is a small knife with a replaceable blade that can be used for many purposes in the outdoor scene.
Equipped with a special stainless steel 1.2mm thick blade. It is a size that does not get in the way when carrying it and can be washed with water.
Use the notch at the rear end of the blade polishing part for convenient outdoor use.
(Example) Hooking and lifting hot cooking utensils, making a hole in the gas vent of an empty gas can, etc.

*The blade is coated with antirust oil. When cutting food, etc., be sure to wash off the antirust oil before using.
■Compatible spare blade/OWB-BK1
■ Color variations Olive drab Product number: OW-BK1-OD
Sand beige Product number: OW-BK1-SB
Manufacturer's suggested retail price: 1,300 yen (excluding tax)
Dimensions (mm): Length 116mm x Width 23mm x Thickness 10.5mm
Weight: 51g