Set of 2 Mini Skillets 13cm

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Set of 2 13cm skillets. Also great for solo camping.
In addition to open fire cooking outdoors, it can also be used at home in the oven, oven toaster, and fish grill. A feeling of size that fits 2 pieces in a grilled fish grill.
It can be used not only for cooking such as fried eggs, ajillo, gratin, hamburger steak, French toast, pancakes, etc. *It is a size that does not fit on the trivet of the gas stove.

2 piece set size (about) / W19.5xD13.3xH3.5cm
Inside dimensions (about) / W12.5xD12.5xH3cm
Bottom thickness (about)/1.2mm
Empty firing (seasoning) unnecessary Full water capacity (approx.) / 400ml
No IH induction cooker Weight (approx.) / 185g (1 piece)
Country of Origin: Japan Material: Steel (silicone clear coating)