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Material: Main body 100% nylon, mesh part 100% nylon, sweatband part 100% polyester
Size: One size Depth: approx. 16cm (when laid flat), visor length: approx. 6.5cm (front), head circumference: approx. 60cm (adjustable with elastic)
*Please note that there may be an error of ±1cm in the finished product size.
When you actually put it on it will spread out a little.
Weight: Approx. 55g
Country of origin: Japan Producer: Shimada Co., Ltd., Kanonji City, Kagawa Prefecture


The body of the hat is made of 100% nylon material, Toray's Stunner®, which is water-repellent, windproof, and permeable. It protects against rain and wind while preventing discomfort caused by sweating, and also has excellent durable water-repellent properties.

Although it is a synthetic fiber, it has a natural look similar to a cotton blend, and the coating on the back gives it a nice firm texture.

COOLMAX® fabric is used for the sweatband.
The pique-patterned 100% polyester material is moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and UV-resistant (UPF 40+).


This product is "Enough Hat"

Based on this, we kept the size the same but changed the material for the head area to mesh so that it can be worn comfortably in the summer.
The design of the main body is a basic six-piece design. The brim and forehead parts are made from the same material as the Enough Hat, but the top quarter is made from mesh material.

The most distinctive feature of this hat is the shape of the brim.
With a normal hat, the brim is open to an average degree, but with the "Enough Hat" the brim opening can be adjusted at three points: the front, sides, and back.

The front is curved like a cap brim. The sides are open just enough to cover your ears. The back is also short so it doesn't open too much and is not affected by the wind.

Another feature is that it can be worn in several different ways.
When the sun is not shining brightly or you want to have a wider view ahead, raise the front of the brim.

If you raise the back of the brim, you can wear it like a cap or a Tyrolean hat.

If the product size is larger than your head size (head circumference) or if you are in a situation where the hat is easily affected by wind, you can adjust the size by pulling the plastic tab on the back and tightening the elastic.


Available in four colors: Grey, Black, Clear, and Beige.


Indigo Blue (New for 2024)



Size Guide

*Please note that there may be an error of about ±1cm in the finished product size.
It will expand slightly when actually worn and used.

When comparing the Basic Cap and the Enough Hat, you will probably feel that the Enough Hat is a little shallower.
This is because the brim of the Enough Hat is sloped so that it does not touch the ears as much as possible, as shown in the image above.
The cap can be worn deep over the ears, but with a hat the brim is slanted so you have to wear it shallower.


Collaborateur introduces you to the people who produce these products.

Shimada Co., Ltd. is responsible for all of RIDGE MOUNTAIN GEAR's headwear.

Shimada Co., Ltd. is located in Toyohama-cho, Kan'onji City, Kagawa Prefecture.
Founded in 1935, this hat manufacturer started out by producing straw hats and has continued to focus on handcrafting hats by artisans.

Even though they are all called "hats," their specifications vary widely. Shimada-san has introduced two cutting methods, CAD-CAM (computer-aided design) and mold-making, and selects the method most suited to the product. In addition, for products that cannot be handled by these two methods or for small-lot production, craftsmen will individually create patterns and cut the hats. He always proceeds with his work by choosing the best method for the hat and the customer.

The craftsmen in charge of sewing are experienced craftsmen who support the production of hats made in Japan, which is something that we have always been particular about. They sew each hat with care, pouring in their experience, knowledge and skills they have gained from it, such as using lock stitching and chain stitching, which have different elasticity depending on the material, purpose and finish, to always maintain a high level of stable quality.

In apparel sewing, the standard seam allowance is about 1cm to 2cm, but in hats, the seam allowance is usually about 4mm. Because the seam allowance for hats is very small, high precision is required when sewing.

However, small seam allowances mean that there is less variation in the finished product. Therefore, even though hats are made by hand, there are few individual differences, and it is possible to produce almost identical products.

From Toyohama Town, "Udon Prefecture," a tranquil place surrounded by sea and mountains, to the world.

Shimada's goal and basic philosophy is to create products that he himself would "want to use" with a level, technique, and ideas that cannot be imitated anywhere else. He also hopes that through product creation, he can bring the "countryside craftsmen" who have been solely behind the scenes and supporting Japanese manufacturing to the forefront.

"Think in Japan, make in Japan. We want to spread these 'All Made in Japan' products from Toyohama to the whole of Japan and the world. We will continue to pour all our skills, knowledge, experience and heart into making high quality products."
RIDGE MOUNTAIN GEAR's hats are made by craftsmen like these.

Shimada Co., Ltd. is a hat manufacturer that provides high-quality hats made in Japan with a careful craftsmanship spirit. It originally started as a family-run company that manufactured and sold straw hats for farm work.

A few years after the current owner, Kazuhisa Takada, took over the family business, the president of a hat shop in Osaka, who happened to be visiting the 88 temples of Shikoku, wandered into the shop while looking at the navigation system. This prompted Takada to train at the hat shop for about half a year to try his hand at the fashion world as the straw hat business for farm work was shrinking. After that, the current business model began.

Having started out with straw when it was first established, the company has experience, skills, and equipment that are rare even in Japan; it has now evolved to include everything from felt molding to sewing woven fabric, and the company primarily receives offers from brands that insist on high-quality Made in Japan products.

At Shimada, we aim to create unique products that people want, not only in Japan but all over the world, with a high level of technology that cannot be replicated anywhere else, and originality and ingenuity, and products that we would want to use ourselves.
I would like to bring the "country craftsmen" who have previously been thought of as supporting the industry from behind the scenes into the spotlight so that more attention can be focused on them.
And from Toyohama Town, the idyllic "Udon Prefecture" surrounded by sea and mountains, we will continue to create high-quality products with all our heart and soul every day, with the desire to share 100% Made in Japan products that are conceived and made in Japan with the world.

Shimada Co., Ltd.
1876-1 Wada, Toyohama-cho, Kanonji City, Kagawa Prefecture

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