maki carry stand

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For bonfires and wood stoves. Firewood stock, stand type for easy movement. Storage is also compact with a width of only 400 mm. The fabric is 100% durable cotton.
* Do not install in unstable locations such as slopes or uneven surfaces. Never sit or stand on the product. Do not apply excessive force to the product by leaning on it, shaking it, pushing it with more force than necessary, or placing objects on it. Doing so may cause damage or injury. Do not use it as a workbench or workbench. Do not allow children to mischief (riding, shaking, or moving the product). Apply the load evenly so that the load is not concentrated on one point. Doing so may cause damage or injury. Do not place anything other than firewood. Do not move while on the stand.

[Material]: Frame: Steel (powder coating) Fabric: 100% cotton
[Size]: Approx. 460 x 430 x 390mm
[Packing]: Approx. 400 x 140 x 140 mm (in a bag)
[Weight]: Approximately 1.75 kg
[Specifications]: Assembled type When stored: approx. 140 x 140 x 400mm Storage case x 1 Instruction manual mount only [Country of origin]: China