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Leatherman's Skeletool, black (black oxide film treatment) and coyote color scheme are the popular "Coyote series" with military style.

A multi-tool that emphasizes functionality like the WAVE is equipped with many useful functions, but on the other hand, its multi-function will increase the weight.
Climbers, workers, and other people who work in special environments who want to lighten their carry-on items even by 1g, are increasingly demanding multi-tools that maintain the minimum necessary functions and a size that is not too big and can be used firmly.
This SKELETOOL series is based on the strength of a middle-sized tool, and has been designed with a focus on portability from weight reduction, and the number of functions has been reduced to a minimum.
The carabiner is integrated into the main body of only 142g, making it even more portable.
The original skeleton body, which is not only light but also has a high design, is simply a pocket knife-like multi-tool.