Lighthouse 600

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Multi-functional LED lantern that supports mobile battery function and dynamo hand-crank charging

Supports warm white LED and fine brightness adjustment

Equipped with a warm white LED with a maximum of 600 lumens and 3,500 Kelvin, and in addition to the lighting mode that allows the lighting surface to be halved, fine brightness adjustment is possible by turning the central dial. Up to 320 hours of lighting time in one-sided lighting / weak mode. You can choose the lighting method according to the scene, such as a hanging hanger or a folding stand designed to prevent downward shadows.

Can be used as a power bank with USB output function

The main unit is equipped with a large-capacity lithium-ion battery of 18.7Wh (3.6V 5200mA), and by using a USB cable, it is possible to supply power to smartphones and digital devices (maximum 1.5A 7.5W). The light can be turned on while the power is output, and the remaining amount of the built-in battery can be easily checked with the highly visible LED indicator.

Equipped with a high-performance dynamo that supports manual charging

In addition to being able to charge from a USB charger or computer using the USB cable installed in the main unit, it also supports charging with a hand-cranked power generation unit provided at the top of the main unit. About 1 minute of rotation (at 120 rotations per minute) enables about 10 minutes of lighting in single-sided lighting / weak mode. In addition, it also supports solar charging using Goal Zero's solar panel NOMAD series.

product name Lighthouse 600
input charging port USB Type-A port (Max 5W, 5V 1.0A)
dynamo crank About 1W (when rotating at 120rpm)
output LED light 3W x 2 (warm white LED, max 600 lumens, 3,500 Kelvin)
USB output USB Type-A port (Max 7.5W, 5V 1.5A)
battery Battery type Lithium-ion battery (NMC)
battery capacity 18.7Wh (3.6V, 5,200mAh)
Estimated continuous use time 2.5 to 320 hours
Estimated charging time About 6 hours (when charging via USB)
About 6-12 hours (Nomad 10 solar panel)
basic specifications body weight about 498g
body size Approximately 114 x 127 x 165mm
Recommended operating temperature range 0 to 40°C
model number 32010