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Features of Esbit solid fuel ●No explosiveness ●No liquefaction during combustion ●No spark ●High calorie 7,000 Kcal/kgs
●Almost no remaining ash ●No visible smoke ●1 box (14g x 6 tablets included)
● Burning time: 1 tablet about 12 minutes ● Made in Germany

According to solid fuel military experiments, the ideal weight of the tablet is 14g considering the burning efficiency. Military solid fuel is a completely moisture-proof blister pack considering the severe use environment in the military. 14g tablets are packed in blister packs of 3 tablets and 6 tablets. 1 tablet burns for about 12 minutes. When boiling 500ml of hot water, it is efficient because one 14g can be boiled in about 7 minutes and 30 seconds. Half or quarter of a tablet is sufficient for a cup of tea, for example. Therefore, the tablet has a dent so that it can be easily separated. It is also easy to add divided tablets to the burning solid fuel and adjust the combustion time. Thermal power is 98 kcal per tablet.

Esbit Solid Fuel Esbit's solid fuel burns with a stable flame even at high altitudes or below freezing, generates good heat with a thermal efficiency of 7,000kcal/kg, and burns without smoke and leaving almost no residue. Useful for outdoor activities such as starting campfires and barbecues, preheating stoves, cooking, and boiling water. It has a flash point of about 400°C and does not spontaneously ignite or explode, so it can be stored safely. It is also very useful during natural disasters and large-scale disasters. (Highly flammable liquid and gas fuels pose problems in terms of portability and safety. Also, alcoholic solid fuels that liquefy when burned are equally dangerous.) It is also used by the military. In addition to cooking food, it is also used for boiling water that is not suitable for drinking, defrosting frozen food, and disinfecting medical equipment.
Used in military supplies and by expeditionary forces, Esbit has proven to be a safe and reliable fuel.