Knife sharpening compound red and blue set (with spatula)

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Knife sharpening compound is Bushcraft JP's original knife compound.
Adopts a silicon carbide abrasive, and goes well with the Bushcraft original strop.

The size is designed so that three compounds and a wooden spatula can be stored inside the triple side box strop (strop).

Have you ever used sandpaper (water-resistant paper) on the strop or used stone (ceramic or diamond) for your correction level sharpening?
Bushcraft JP offers a lineup of #600, #1,200, #3,000, #6,000, and #12,000 to keep the beautiful convex shape from the correction stage.

There are finer compounds on the market, but even #12,000 can achieve a mirror finish, which is more than sufficient.
In addition, Bushcraft JP offers a relatively coarse grain size of #600, so it can be used for a wide range of knife stroping and maintenance.

If you use #600, you will have a roughness that allows you to modify the overall geometry such as chips (blade chips), secondary bevels, microbevels, etc.
The grain size is a little finer for repairs, but when repairing expensive knives, you can rest assured that this grain size will not cut too much.

For stroping your knives, we recommend the full set of 5 Knife Sharpening Compounds from #600 to #12000.

[Benefits of Bushcraft JP original compound]

■ Bushcraft JP compound in paste form Easy to apply thinly and evenly.
For this reason, the blade moves very smoothly on the strop, and the uniformity makes it possible to sharpen evenly.
Even when the abrasive component gradually builds up, it is easy to peel off, allowing you to use the strop for a long time.

The trick is to apply thinly and evenly so that the leather of the strop does not turn white. That's the trick to good sharpening.

If you are already using a compound such as Bark River, it may be a good idea to purchase a single item according to your budget, or purchase only this red and blue set.

As you can see in the product photo, the tips for applying the product are enough to make it slightly white. Even with this, I applied a little thick coating for the sake of photography.

*Symptoms such as compound solidification and separation may be resolved by stirring the contents well with a wooden stick or the like after boiling the compound container in hot water.

*Cleaning the strop when using it for strop If you clean the compound attached to the strop with a brush made of brass or harder stainless steel, the effectiveness of the strop may be restored. increase.

There may be minor scratches during transportation. Please note.

In particular, there may be dents, etc. on the cap part, but it is within a range that does not interfere with use.


・Silicon carbide abrasive ・Paste (hardness like peanut butter)
・#600 Coarse for Correction ・#1,200 Medium for Correction


・ Contents about 100g
・Container size about 115x32mmΦ