Iwano Peg

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Anyway strong with " forging x quenching "

Quenching process* is applied, even on hard ground mixed with stones,
It feels good and gets into Gungun.
It is possible to set up a tent in places that were previously abandoned with the attached pegs.

*What is quenching?
A heat treatment that rapidly cools a product from a high temperature.
By adding quenching, strength, corrosion resistance, and fatigue resistance become stronger.

Outstanding fixing force with " square column x 2 grooves "

Compared to the round pillar type that rotates in the ground and is easy to pull out,
Since the Iwano peg is a square column, it maintains a fixed force for a long time without rotating.
In addition, by inserting two grooves in the support part, it bites firmly into the ground,
It exhibits stable fixing power in all situations, such as soft ground and strong winds.
With Iwano pegs, you can enjoy the outdoors with peace of mind.

Easy to use anywhere " 30cm "

A convenient size that can be used as a main as well as a sub.
Tarps, dome tents, 2-room tents, etc.
It is 30 cm that is easy to use for various tents.
Recommended size for beginners.

A convenient " "horn" " that is useful even by itself

The "horn" can be said to be the biggest feature of Iwano pegs.
Hanging lamps and mosquito coils,
Use multiple pegs to put a net on it and make it a simple table,
You can enjoy using pegs like never before.
As a peg that is useful even by itself, you can enjoy the outdoors more conveniently.

Easy-to-drive " wide design " head

By widening the hitting surface, you can reduce the burden on your arm and hitting mistakes.
Since the core is firmly captured, the power is transmitted firmly even if you do not hit it hard.
Anyone can easily, easily, and enjoyably strike pegs without stress.
These pegs are easy for anyone to handle, even for those who are not confident in their strength or children.

" Cationic electrodeposition coating " that is resistant to rain and water

Since it is highly rust-proof, it can be used safely after rain, on wet riverbeds and beaches.
It is also a point that dirt can be washed away with water even after use.
It is water resistant, so you don't have to worry about where it is, and it is very easy to clean.

" Rope pocket " which is kind to rope

By attaching a pocket (step) to the part where the rope is applied,
I reduce that a rope moves up and down greatly even at the time of the strong wind,
Reduces strain on the rope due to friction.
There are no burrs and the corners are finished smoothly, so it is very gentle on the rope.
It goes well with any rope, so the rope will last a long time.

" Twist and pull out easily " without stress when withdrawing

Unexpectedly difficult peg removal at the time of withdrawal,
Relieves you from stress.
For Iwano pegs, insert another peg into the peg hole,
Just twist and pull it out.
Since it is a prism, when you twist it, there is a gap between the ground and the peg and you can easily pull it out.
Anyone can easily remove the pegs at the time of withdrawal while demonstrating the fixing power.

Traditional “ Wakugi x Forging

Even today, Japanese nails are valued as indispensable for the repair of old buildings such as some shrines, temples and castles.
This is proof that Japanese nails are a reliable product created by the wisdom and experience of Japanese people.
We want to spread Japanese nails in the outdoors and connect Japanese traditions to the future.
From such a thought, Iwano Peg was born.
While feeling Japanese tradition outdoors,
Enjoy the outdoors to your heart's content.

Reliable " Made in Japan " made by IWANO

The high-quality forged pegs made by IWANO do not have any welding parts.
Everything from forging to painting is domestically produced, and the final product is finished by skilled craftsmen.
Iwano pegs can be used for a long time with peace of mind.

The difference between "forging" and "casting"

“It is made by compressing heated metal (solid) in a mold, and is characterized by its strength and easy maintenance of quality.

“Molded metal (liquid) is put into a mold and cooled to form a complex shape, but its strength is inferior to that of forging.

Some pegs on the market are either cast or partially welded.
Welded pegs can sometimes break off from the weld.
Iwano pegs are forged pegs made in Japan with excellent durability without any welding.