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A uniquely shaped alcohol stove. Inject alcohol by pressing the central spring-loaded pin. At room temperature, 20ml of alcohol burns for about 7 and a half minutes, and a maximum of 60ml of alcohol fuel can be used. Largest of Batchstovez stoves and stable with Toaks 2000ml pans. However, although it is possible to install a cup with a narrow diameter such as 350ml on the trivet, it is very small, so it is recommended to use a cooker with a diameter of 10cm or more.

How to use the product Unfold the stand of the main unit and slide the blue silicone attached to the stand down to secure the stand in place. Soak the fiberglass wrap in alcohol and then fill the stove body with alcohol. To inject alcohol into the stove, depress the plunger slightly and pour approximately 30ml of fuel into the center of the stove. Place a pan in the center and ignite the wick. Do not inject more than 60ml of alcohol fuel. Boil 400cc of water with 20ml of fuel in about 7 minutes and keep the fire for 7 minutes and 30 seconds. You may need more fuel if the water you are boiling is cold

Apply a drop of maintenance oil to the stand to lubricate. No wick replacement required. *Do not forcefully push or pull the stand as this may cause deformation or damage.

Precautions for use Secure the stand firmly with silicone. The stove body gets hot. Please use it in a horizontal and stable place. Do not use indoors or in tents. After use, please do not move until the fuel has run out and the main body has cooled down. This stove is for alcohol only. You may not be able to see the flame, but you will see it after about 20 seconds. Use a windscreen if you are in a windy area. The recommended fuel is fuel alcohol. Do not use gasoline, LP gas fuel, kerosene, etc.

With replacement silicone.

Weight: about 38g
Size: 97mm x 70mm when unfolded, 67mm x 70mm when retracted
Material: Aluminum, Fiberglass

With Japanese translation manual

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圭亮 西野
Batchstovez I.S.2.0


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