ICE AGE cooler 45QT

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ICE AGE cooler is a high-end cooler box that keeps coldness for 5 days with amazing cold storage power that you can rest assured even in the middle of summer. The secret is the body injected with about 5 cm of polyurethane foam. You can enjoy ice-cold beer even in midsummer. The professional cooler box not only has a cooling capacity, but also has a UV-cut coating on the body surface, a scale display and a basket as standard equipment, and is packed with a variety of functions, such as camping and fishing. You can use it.

・The gap between the lid gasket and the body is high to improve airtightness.
・A dividing board and cutting board wire basket and a drink holder are included as standard.
・Uses a latch handle that can be opened and closed with a small force.・Two openers on the left and right that can be locked.
・The bottom has a rubber grip that does not slip even on the trunk or deck.
・Oversized drain valve for convenient drainage.

Material linear polyethylene, polyurethane, polypropylene

Size Outer dimensions: W67×D41×H41cm

Inside dimension :
W54×D30×H30cm (top)
W53×D27cm (lower part)

Capacity : 42.6L

Weight: 13.2kg

accessories :
Partition board and cutting board x 1
Wire basket x 1
Drink holder x 1