Frying pan dish (large)

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A frying pan dish born from the concept of "frying pan" + "dish". Reattach the Breath to Fire tip to a dish joint, or use the dish handle to grab a plate and place it directly on the fire as a frying pan, then quickly remove the plate from the heat when you're done cooking. can also be used as It is a gem that you can enjoy the change in color as you use it and the aging by layering the seasoning.

・Seasoning is applied at the time of purchase, but it is not possible to completely prevent rust. After use, drain the water well and dry it, and season it regularly to prevent rust and use it for a long time.
★Please see this video for reference on how to season.

Since the final finish is done by hand, there are individual differences in the texture of the surface.

■ Contents: Plate (Large) x 1
■Material: Iron ■Size: Approximately 25-25.5cm in diameter
*Because it is handmade, there may be errors. Weight: Approx. 670g

■ Manufacturer: Makizuka Iron Works

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