HelinoxHOME chair home mini

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The Helinox Chair Home Mini is a lightweight model based on the Helinox Comfort Chair in a compact mini size. With a load capacity of 90 kg, it can be used by children and adults while maintaining Helinox quality. By adjusting the angle of the seat surface without changing the comfort of sitting, it is adjusted to prevent it from falling even when a child sits on it. The case is a tote bag type that is easy to carry.

■ Size when used: 40 cm x 34 cm x 44 cm (width, depth, height)
■ Storage size: 28 cm x 8 x 17 cm (width, depth, height)
■ Seat height: 23cm
■ When using: 460g
■ When stored: 570g
■ Load capacity: 90kg
■Frame material: metal (aluminum alloy), resin, hinge ■Tip material: nylon ■Upholstery material: polyester ■Storage bag material: cotton, polyester ■Surface treatment: frame (anodized)