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Heat-A-Seat is an outdoor foam cushion that was created using the offcuts from ThermaSeat's foam pad manufacturing process. Warm and soft InsulSoft tip foam insulates heat from the ground for a comfortable seating experience. The upper nylon material is used, so it can be used outdoors. Available in highly recognizable neon orange, neon green, and coyote RealTree® colors that blend in. It is easy to carry with a handle.

■Hunting & outdoor foam cushion created by utilizing the leftover material from ThermaSeat foam pad manufacturing.
■I shut off temperature from the ground, and the comfort that is comfortable.
■We adopt strong nylon material, and use in outdoor is possible.
■RealTree™ ripstop nylon is used for the seat.
■With nylon steering wheel which is convenient for movement.

Size: about 38 cm in diameter
Country of Manufacture: USA

*The cover cannot be removed.
* Since recycled materials are used, the weight and thickness may vary depending on the product.
* All RealTree® fabric patterns are different. Pattern cannot be specified.
*Specifications, logo shapes, and tags may differ depending on the lot.