Grid Merino Earmuff Cap

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Soft texture with less fluff

Merino wool is classified into various grades according to the fineness (fineness) of the threads that make up the fabric, and the fineness is expressed in μm (micrometers).
This time, the Merino Basic Tee uses a very fine 17.5μm (micrometer) thread labeled "Super 120's", and it has a soft texture with very little "tingling" characteristic of wool.

The front side is cotton sheeting and the inside is fleece-like, so it traps a lot of warm air. In addition, since it is woven in a grid, moisture can be efficiently transmitted through the gaps in the grid. It is a highly functional material with excellent heat retention and moisture permeability.

Made with New Zealand Merino

The use of merino wool from New Zealand is proof that it is "non-mulesing wool". "Mulsing" is the cutting of the rump skin and meat from a lamb to prevent the sheep from becoming infested with maggots.

The merino breed, which was bred to obtain as much wool as possible, has a wide skin area and deep wrinkles on the skin. In the worst case, maggots can eat the skin and meat, leading to death.
"Mulsing" is a means to prevent it, but there are cases where no anesthesia and scar treatment are performed.

New Zealand banned such cruel mulesing from October 2018. Using New Zealand Merino is also using wool raw materials suitable for animal welfare.

100% merino wool and washable.

Pre-shrunk processing is applied over several processes to prevent fabric shrinkage after washing as much as possible.
Even so, as long as it is a natural fiber, it will inevitably experience some degree of shrinkage and skew. Please refer to the following care method to use the product for a longer time.

・Please use detergent for wool when washing.
・Please turn the product inside out and put it in a laundry net and wash it separately.
・The water temperature should be limited to 40°C, and avoid washing with hot water.
・Avoid strong currents when washing. When washing by hand or using a washing machine, please use the "dry course" or "weak water course".
・Never tumble dry.
・After dehydration, we recommend reshaping and drying in the shade.
・If you do not wear it for a long time, please store it with an insect repellent after removing the dirt.


Material: 100% Wool (Merino Wool) 270/㎡, Sweatband 100% Polyester
Size: One size Depth approx. 17.5cm (when laid flat), eaves length approx. 6cm, head circumference approx. 59cm (adjustable with rubber)
*There may be an error of about ±1cm in the size of the product. Thank you for your understanding.
Because it is made of cotton sheeting material, it will spread a little when you put it on.

Weight: about 62g
Country of Origin: Japan


This product is made from 100% New Zealand merino wool fabric. The main features of merino wool material include "high heat retention", "good breathability", "humidity control", "high deodorizing power (antibacterial)", "heat resistance", and "UV protection". REDA, which produces the merino wool jersey used by RIDGE MOUNTAIN GEAR, is a long-established wool fabric manufacturer founded in Italy for over 150 years.

The sheep are raised freely at REDA's own large farm in New Zealand. In addition to the inherent high functionality of wool (heat retention, breathability, heat resistance, antibacterial properties, UV protection), this product uses REDA ACTIVE, a high-performance material that makes full use of REDA's over 150 years of experience, knowledge and technology. using.

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リッジマウンテン メリノキャップ

自転車のヘルメットを上に被ってもOKです(*˙ω˙*)و グッ!

Grid Merino Earmuff Capめっちゃイイ〜

冬用の帽子が欲しいと思っていたところ、ROCK STEPPERSさんでGrid Merino Earmuff Capと電撃的に出会い即買い😆手に取っただけで良さが伝わってきて、一度被るともう手放せなくなりました🤣12月の金剛山での登りではムレを感じることなく通気性の良さを実感。山頂0℃の時は耳や頭全体を暖かく優しく包まれているような感覚で使い心地サイコー‼️とっても気に入ってます🎶始めは値段が高めに感じましたが、それ以上の価値を感じ充分満足しています。普段使いにも大活躍してます。買って大正解のアイテムでした😆

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