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Introducing Trail Bum's backpack made from ultra-high-strength fabric Ultra. A top roll specification with an extension part on the cylindrical body, and a mesh pocket that covers it.

Ultra is a fabric made from UHMWPE (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fiber), which has excellent abrasion and impact resistance. UHMWPE is an abbreviation for "Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene" and is a chemical fiber commonly known as Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene or Dyneema in Japanese. When talking about Dyneema, the most typical fabric is DCF, but I would like to point out the differences.

First of all, Ultra has the advantage of being about 3 times more tear-resistant and about 7 times more wear-resistant than DCF. However, due to its high strength, it weighs more than DCF. However, since the strength of the film on the back is much stronger than that of DCF, Ultra is more durable against lamination peeling over time, which is a disadvantage of DCF.

The thickness of the Ultra is different between the bottom part that wears out and the main body part. Spectra material is used for the strap and waist parts. The back has a removable pad, making it lightweight and comfortable to carry.
There are pockets on the front and sides, which are useful for storing drinks, small items, shells, etc. Capacity ranges from 35L to 43L, and the so-called Kokame part alone has a capacity of 8L, so you can rest assured even if your luggage increases.

The rubber part of the mesh pocket is set to be quite long, but this is because it is assumed that the sleeping mat will be inserted vertically.This is one of TRAIL BUM's specialties.
Although it was conceived with the premise of a simple construction that eliminates waste, it has a padded belt attached to the waist from a hiker's interpretation, making it a finish that allows you to reach exactly where it hurts!

WIDE 28cm
DEPTH 15.5cm
capacity 35L-43L
weight 518g

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