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The Ghost Table is a solo table that is lightweight and compact for easy storage.
It has a simple structure consisting of just one piece of furniture, and its unique design, with the legs fixed with strings to create a three-dimensional shape, is a new form that has never been seen before (design registered).
This table is translucent and light, almost ghost-like. We named it the Ghost Table, imagining a cute, pop and adorable ghost.
There is no front or back, so use whichever side you prefer.
You can also make your own original ghost table by sticking stickers on it.

GHOST TABLE owo (Regular)
Material: Polypropylene (table body), nylon (strap)
Weight: 60g
Tabletop size: 200 x 180 mm x height 50 mm
Storage size: 295mm x 210mm x thickness 1.2mm
Load capacity: Approx. 7kg (when loaded in the center and not shaking)

If used outdoors for a long period of time, discoloration and deformation may occur.
As it is flammable, keep it away from high temperatures and fire.
Impact resistance may be weakened at temperatures below -5°C.
When disposing of this product, please follow the disposal classification set by your local government.

We do not recommend wrapping the product around your luggage when packing it.
If you leave it bent for a long time, the tabletop will take on a curved shape and will not be able to be assembled correctly. In such a case, please bend it in the opposite direction.

Due to the nature of polypropylene boards, they may become deformed if you place a hot cup or pot with a hot bottom on them. Also, they may turn white if you bend them forcefully.

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誠 佐藤
GHOST TABLE owo / レギュラー