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Taping for climbers.

Excellent friction and adhesion not only protects knuckles and torn areas, but it can also be wrapped around the fingertips to reduce wear and tear on the finger skin.

By using 0.76 cm on the fingertips, it is possible to minimize the lifting of the taping and fit the fingertips. Although there are individual differences in sensation, it is possible to eliminate the misalignment and discomfort that occur while climbing.

1cm is useful for protecting joints and torn areas of skin.

The taping comes in a stylish attached can, which prevents chalk and sand from adhering to it and has excellent preservability.

1cm wide x 1, 0.76cm wide x 2, 1 roll length 13.7m

Material Hot melt adhesive, 100% cotton

Hypoallergenic/latex-free vegan (no animal products used)