folding fork

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folding fork

Foldable folding fork. It is lightweight and compact and convenient to carry for mountain and camping touring. Titanium is light and durable enough to take on any journey. It is a material that is light, durable, does not rust, and has little effect on the body.

TOAKS products are made of solid titanium and are not finished with coatings.

Product model number: SLV-09
Unfolded: 160mm
Folded: 92mm
Weight: 16g
Material: Titanium Country of Origin: China

Advantages of titanium, the best material for outdoor use

Resistant to odors and stains
・Ultra lightweight, strong, and durable ・Corrosion resistant, rust and corrosion resistant ・No metallic odor and does not spoil the taste of food ・Less likely to cause metal allergies ・Lighter than stainless steel

It has three major advantages: no metallic odor, less metal allergies, and lighter weight than stainless steel.

It's lighter than stainless steel, so you can make your backpacking lighter. In addition, it is also a very big advantage that it is difficult to smell and stain. Even in situations where water cannot be used, it will be clean with just a quick wipe.

Titanium is said to be the least likely to cause metal allergies among the commonly used metals. Therefore, if you suffer from metal allergies, titanium is recommended over stainless steel.

Titanium has a lower thermal conductivity than aluminum and stainless steel. Due to this property, your hands will not get hot even with hot ingredients. The advantage over stainless steel is that it is less likely to cause burns even when used near a heat source. The low thermal conductivity means that it is difficult for your hands to lose heat, and it is also characterized by the fact that it is difficult to feel cold even in cold weather. The great thing about titanium products is that they can be used comfortably regardless of the time of year and how you use them.