Fleece Earmuff Cap

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Material: 100% Polyester (Polartec® Wind Pro®)
Size: One size Depth approx. 17.5cm (when laid flat), eaves length approx. 6cm, head circumference approx. 59cm (adjustable with rubber)
*There may be an error of about ±1cm in the size of the product. Thank you for your understanding.
Because it is made of cotton sheeting material, it will spread a little when you put it on.
Weight: about 68g
Country of Origin: Japan Producer: Kanonji City, Kagawa Prefecture Shimada Co., Ltd.


This product uses Polartec® Wind Pro®.

Wind Pro® is a fleece material with improved cold protection.
The tightly woven knit construction protects against the cold while maintaining breathability.
The surface of the fabric is flat and has a soft touch impression.
It is also windproof and water repellent, allowing heat and steam from the body to disperse and escape.


There is a product "Grid Merino Earmuff Cap" with the same design as this "Fleece Earmuff Cap".

The above image is an image image that expresses the wind resistance and moisture permeability of each product.

"Grid Merino Earmuff Cap" is not completely windproof due to the characteristics of the fabric. It is assumed that it will be used during winter activities. The head part allows air to pass through and prevents overheating. It is not windproof like synthetic fleece.

On the other hand, this "Fleece Earmuff Cap" is both windproof and water repellent.
If you hike while wearing this cap, you may find yourself in a situation where it is too hot. This cap is so warm. Recommended for winter caps where there is a lot of stagnation.

If the size of the product is larger than the customer's head size (head circumference) or if the product is easily affected by the wind, the size can be adjusted by pulling the plastic tab on the back and tightening the rubber.

The ear pads are designed to be deep and wide, so the ears, the back of the head, and the nape of the neck are completely wrapped.

For the ear pads, the fabric is folded in two on the back and used in two pieces. You can keep the ears and the back of the head warmer than the one-piece head part.

You can wear it in various ways by operating the earpiece part for each situation. If you don't need the ear pads, fold them up and cover them.

The sweatband uses COOLMAX® fabric.
Made of 100% pique-shaped polyester material, it has the function of water absorption, quick drying and UV protection (UPF 40+).

Because it is a wide size product, it also features a different facial expression after wearing it depending on the size of the head circumference of the person who wears it.

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