Fe bread

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-The bottom is thick, the sides are gradually thinner, and the edges are thicker, so it is light and easy to handle, yet strong.
●Since there is a large radius on the side, it is a design that makes it easy to return food.
●Kara-yaki creates an oxide film that absorbs oil well, making the food less likely to burn.
●The handle is designed for ease of holding.
●It is not compatible with IH cookers.

Material: Iron Country of origin: Japan

size chart
size Inner Diameter x Height full capacity plate thickness
16 160x31mm 0.5L 1.4mm
18 180x35mm 0.7L 1.4mm
20 200x39mm 0.8L 1.4mm
twenty two 220x43mm 1.3L 1.6mm
twenty four 240x46mm 1.5L 1.6mm
26 260x51mm 2.2L 1.6mm
28 280x56mm 2.8L 2.0mm
30 300x57mm 3.5L 2.0mm
32 320x59mm 3.9L 2.0mm
34 340x62mm 4.5L 2.0mm
36 360x64mm 5.2L 2.0mm
40 400x70mm 7.3L 2.0mm
45 450x80mm 10.7L 2.3mm