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Limited release of SOLID Ver.

This is a special order from STATICBLOOM, the importer of plant-based solid fuel FireDragon. This is the simpler SOLID version, with only the logo engraved on the lid.


- Material: Aluminum (A5056)
- Weight: 34g
- Size: Lid Φ64.4 mm / Bottom Φ62.9 mm / Height 32.8 mm
- Country of Origin: Japan

*FireDragon solid fuel is not included.

A stove designed specifically for solid fuel use

An aluminum stove specifically designed for use with solid fuel, named FDStove (Fauna Diversity).
It is designed to be used with FireDragon, a plant-based solid fuel for which STATICBLOOM is the import agent. I think this will be the definitive product that can handle everything from carrying the fuel to burning and extinguishing it all in one.

Highly efficient secondary combustion is possible

Since secondary combustion is possible, combustion efficiency is high and soot adhesion on the bottom of the pot is minimized.
In our tests, the burn time of the 14g block was nearly doubled when compared to the FireDragon/Mini Cooker. (Results may vary depending on the situation.)
It has high combustion efficiency and is expected to extend the burn time, making the solid fuel FireDragon even easier to use.

Portable fuel stove

The FD Stove uses a precision screw-type lid that allows you to store partially used fuel in it with minimal evaporation, allowing you to use fuel without waste while hiking.
*Cannot be stored for long periods of time.

High safety

The large, deep cup and the structure that allows for secondary combustion show that the design was made with safety in mind. This product conveys the maker's strong desire to reduce the unfortunate events caused by carbon monoxide poisoning.

Also, we do not sell grates or windshields that are compatible with the FD Stove. I think the TMR WRTrivet is good, and you can adjust the height with stainless steel mesh or MYOG with titanium foil and pegs. Please enjoy the combination.

Simple 3-piece construction with fewer malfunctions

The FD Stove has a simple 3-piece structure. This helps to avoid the risk of it becoming unusable during long mountain trips.
When using it as a stove, place the inner lid on top and cover it with the outer lid. The lid can be used as a stand or placed over the outer lid to put out the fire.

To store it, just place the inner cup upside down inside the outer and close the lid tightly. It is highly airtight, so you can store FireDragon fuel for several days without it evaporating.

*Do not force the lid on when gravel is stuck in the screw. This can lead to deformation of the screw thread.

Outdoor cookers made by a long-established metalworking factory

TMR Industries, a small factory in Moka City, Tochigi Prefecture, founded in 1973, has been in business for over 50 years.
For over 50 years, we have been producing products specializing in precision machining, including connector parts.

We will continue to keep an eye on TMR's manufacturing, including lightweight aluminum cookers with heat exchangers, produced based on the solid technical expertise they have cultivated over many years, and the FD Stove, which is suitable for use with solid fuels such as FireDragon.


- Do not use outside of the outdoors as this can lead to death from carbon monoxide poisoning.
- Liquid alcohol fuel can be used, but do not transport liquid fuel in the stove as it is not airtight.
- Be careful not to get injured by the burrs (sharp points) that are unique to metal processing on the bottom.
- Be aware of the possibility of metal allergy reactions to aluminum
- Regardless of the reason, the manufacturer Tamura Kogyo Co., Ltd. and the distributor STATICBLOOM Co., Ltd. will not be liable for any damages caused by this product.

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