Extreme X 39 / aluminum container / dark green

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It is an aluminum container box painted in olive drab with an internal capacity of 46 liters. It uses aluminum that is unaffected by environmental changes from scorching desert areas to extreme cold, and is used in the transportation industry including aviation, marine transportation, and land transportation. It is highly dustproof, antiseptic, and waterproof, making it ideal for outdoor use. The SB-E39 and SB-E73 models are stackable.

External dimensions: W600xD413XH240 (mm)
Internal dimensions: W570xD379xH215 (mm)
Capacity: 46L


Body: Aluminum alloy Hinge: Stainless steel Grip: Resin

SB-E39G (dark green)

・Thickness: 1.0mm
・Latch that can be locked with a wire lock or padlock (locking hole 6mm)
・Resin grip ・Stackable with SB-E39 and SB-E73 models ・Rubber seal (simple dust and water proof)

【Country of origin】

[Product characteristics]
■This product is a commercial container box. As a product characteristic, there may be scratches, small dents, and stains during manufacturing and transportation.
■ Due to the nature of the product, there are sharp parts. Please be careful not to injure yourself. Please wear gloves when using.
■Aluminum is a soft material that is easily scratched and dented. Please handle with care.
■Although aluminum is a material that is highly resistant to corrosion, please be aware that if left in contact with products such as steel or copper, it may corrode due to galvanic corrosion of different metals.
■This product is not waterproof. The rubber packing is attached for the purpose of mitigating impact when opening and closing, and for simple waterproofing and dustproofing.
■This product is not a completely sealed product.

[Precautions when using]
■Be careful not to get your fingers caught in the lid or lock fitting.
■Handle is spring type. Be careful not to pinch your fingers or hands.
■As it is dangerous, please do not allow children to use it. Please do not use it as a child's toy or tool case.
■ Do not climb on it or use it as a scaffold.
■Do not use if there is a large deformation, hole, or damage.
■ Do not store or transport combustible hazardous materials.